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Every so often people will ask me for help building links. Unfortunately, I’m not currently taking other clients, and I must turn them down. I decided rather than recreate a list each time, I’d publish the firms I suggest. Some of these folks are pure content-based link builders, and some wear a darker hat. I’ll leave it up to clients to decide what risk profile they prefer.

Name Details
StuntDubl StuntDubl Visbility: 83
Run by Todd Malicoat, a long-time link builder, StuntDubl has seen it all (and probably done it all).
Twitter: stuntdubl
VerticalMeasures Vertical Measures Visbility: 82
Based in Phoenix, Vertical Measures is a full-service agency that also offers link building services.
Twitter: verticalmeasure
Internet Marketing Ninjas Internet Marketing Ninjas Visbility: 79
Formerly known as We Build Pages, IMJ’s leader, Jim Boykin is a frequent speaker on advanced link building techniques
at SEO conferences around the world.
Twitter: ninjasmarket
LinkBuildr LinkBuildr Visbility: 67
Based in Vancouver, BC, LinkBuildr is a frequent blogger and heads-down pure play link building firm.
Twitter: linkbuildr
Alliance Link Alliance Link Visbility: 61
Run by the incomparable Debra Mastaler, a frequent speaker at SMX Advanced and known for her unique and sometimes surprising takes on link building, Alliance Link is one of the best at finding innovative ways to leverage companies existing assets (customer relationships, existing marketing campaigns, etc.) and turning them into link building gold.
Twitter: debramastaler Visbility: 44 is a Netherlands-based link building agency run by Wiep Knol. As a blogger, Wiep has been a consistent, clear voice in link building at for nearly five years. His blog commentary champions pragmatic and efficient link building, and he seems to have a sixth sense for finding campaigns that work for clients.
Twitter: wiep
Canadian SEO Canadian SEO Visbility: 36
Led by Melanie Nathan, Canadian SEO isn’t just for Canadians. Melanie’s team offers full-service SEO and has particular strength in link building. She’s a frequent contributor to top SEO blogs and writes about link building. She’s known for being highly pragmatic, pounding it out, and getting results.
Twitter: canadianseo
Intrapromote Intrapromote Visbility: 34
Twitter: Intrapromote
Fathom SEO Fathom SEO Visbility: 34
Twitter: fathomseo
Measured SEM Measured SEM Visbility: 33
Twitter: measuredsem
martinibuster Martini Buster Visbility: 32
Led by Roger Montti, known for his work moderating the link building forum on WebMasterWorld, Roger is a frequent speaker at SEO conferences on advanced link building techniques.
Twitter: martinibuster
uniqueinfluence Unique Influence Visbility: 7
Led by Ryan Pitylak, a relatively new, but very successful link builder, UniqueInfluence has delivered results for numerous startups via its focus on finding high visibility, high relevance guest blogging opportunities for clients.
Twitter: uinfluence

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