What is Hipster

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Answer: Quora for local questions.  Neat!

Google site:usehipster.com and view some of the cached pages (before they disappear since they’ve since password-protected everything).

Here’s a screenshot…

Marc Andreesen vs Fred Wilson Word Clouds from Twitter

Here’s what Marc Andreesen talked about most on Twitter in March, 2014: Here’s what Fred Wilson talked about most on Twitter in March, 2014:
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Gawker’s Multi-Million Dollar SEO Mistake

Think SEO is expensive? Try losing 30% of your traffic and revenue overnight due to mismanaged and/or ignored SEO. That’s basically what happened to...
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Austin SEO Power 40

UPDATE: A new list is available, and it’s MUCH bigger! Please visit my Austin Startups List site to see all 1,400+ websites/startups in Austin....
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