Just signed up for WPEngine

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WPEngine is a super fast WordPress hosting company based in Austin, TX that fills the hosting gap between WordPress’s super expensive privately hosted VIP service and their mainstream free WordPress.com site. (VIP service is $3750 a month!)

I’ve hosted with them before at the $99 a month price which is great for what they offer, but hard to justify for a personal blog. They now offer a $29 a month plan which is a little on the pricey side, but if you plan on trying to remain available after getting a hacker news front page article, its worth it.

I’m really interested in trying out their new git interface.  It is all the rage for managing and deploying code and recently more and more PaaS companies have been offering it as a way to push out code changes.

I also brought along with me the fantastic Svbtle theme which you can download for WordPress from Gravity on Mars.

Danny Sullivan’s Epic Rant on Links at SMX Advanced

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