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Austin SEO Power 40

UPDATE: A new list is available, and it’s MUCH bigger! Please visit my Austin Startups List site to see all 1,400+ websites/startups in Austin....
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What is Hipster

Answer: Quora for local questions.  Neat! Google and view some of the cached pages (before they disappear since they’ve since password-protected everything). Here’s...
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Googlebot as a Persona, for ProductCamp Austin

Here are the resources that will be useful to attendees of my presentation at ProductCamp Austin.  In my opinion, these should be required reading...
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This Week in Link Building for Dec 16

Jeremy Bencken Dec 16, 2010 at 8:51pm This Week in Link Building – Dec 16 bencken Dec 16, 2010 at 8:45pm Links Reports Return...
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Has Craigslist’s Growth Flatlined?

Wow, check out Craigslist’s traffic over the past year– it certainly looks like the web’s most-visited marketplace for golf clubs and hookers has reached...
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This Week in Link Building

I’m trying out Keepstream’s widget to collect the best link building post I’ve found each week. If you can’t see this content, it’s probably...
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Serve Me up a Mug of Link Building

by Vertical Measures SEO firm
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Custom Search Engine for WordPress PHP Devs

Below is a simple Google Custom Search Engine that searches,,, and Loading
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No Seriously, Why Doesn’t The Wall Street Journal Link to Websites?

At SMX Advanced, I asked the following question of a panel which included Alex Bennert, In House SEO, Wall Street Journal: “Why do WSJ journalists...
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Google Insider: Yes, PageRank Determines Your Indexation Cap

Rand posted about a month ago on Google’s indexation cap.  He wrote, Google (very likely) has a limit it places on the number of...
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